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Chill Hoist1

Lifting a condenser was never so easy as with a Chill-Hoist

  • Chill-Hoist is designed to lift 120kg maximum EASY, FAST and SAFE.
  • Chill-Hoist comes with a built in brake system.
  • Chill-Hoist comes with a 10m cable.


  • Never use damaged Chill-Hoist parts.
  • Never walk or stand under objects being lifted.
  • Make sure Chill-Hoist is secure and correctly installed before use.

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Chill-Hoist 1 and 2

Chill-Hoist 1 and 2 are lifting apparatus. In particular, but not exclusively for the use of installing air conditioning units.

Any person who has experience in the installation of air conditioning units will know that they are cumbersome to install. The installation procedures currently being used require two workers and even more for the bigger units. The installation procedures are also time consuming which limits the number of units which can be installed in a single shift and this, in turn, increases installation costs.

Chill-Hoist 1 was designed to lift a load of up to 120kg safe and easy. Chill-Hoist 1 was designed to attach to the same unistruts as the condenser cantilevers. One man can now install 9 000btu to 60 000btu condensers by himself. No more back braking installations or extra workers to help with the lifting of heavy condensers.

Chill-Hoist 1 can also be used in the building trade for lifting bricks and dagga safe and easy. Chill-Hoist 1 for the building trade came with two unistruts which clamps onto scaffolding and a wire basket with a 36 bricks capacity. No more brick throwing or braking of bricks.

Chill-Hoist 2 was also designed to lift condenser in the same way as Chill-Hoist 1. But its design in such a way that it can also lift cassette, under ceiling and hide away indoor units safe and easy. Chill-Hoist 2 was designed to use unistruts,  cantilevers or treaded rod to slid on or clamp on. No more back braking installations or extra workers to help with the lifting of heavy indoor units.

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