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Aircon Installation, Aircon Service, Aircon Maintenance, Aircon Design

From the smallest (Panel coolers) to large building and factory cooling (Rooftops, VRV, Multi V systems and chiller plants etc.)

Aircon Installation

Electrical Installation, Electrical Services, Electrical Design, Electrical maintenance

For all your electrical requirements and COC certificates.

  • Quick response
  • Technical knowledge of Technicians with management back-up services
  • Twenty four (24) hour seven (7) days a week standby service to clients

Record keeping on aircon services, parts used and aircon repairs

Safe lifting equipment (Chill-Hoist) for installation of heavy units

Aircon Maintenance and repairs

  • All brands of units
  • Computer panel cooling (Rittal, Cosmotech, Seifert, etc.) and computer room units (Airdale etc.)
  • Small split unit: Mid-wall, consol, window, under ceiling, cassette and hide away units.
  • Large units: Rooftop units, fan coil units, heat pumps, chiller plants water cooled and air cooled, etc.

Refurbishing of old chiller plants

Before After
chiller plant before chiller plants before 2 chiller plant after

Chillcold Electric covers the following regions in South Africa


LG, Ecoaire, Dunham-Bush, McQuay, Panasonic, Nashua, Samsung, Alliance, Hitachi, Airdale, York, Carrier, Aermec, ect